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Heavy Duty Poly Tarpaulins

Our stock of heavy duty tarpaulins is very extensive. We have the largest supply of heavy duty tarpaulins in different colors and sizes of in North America. People who need true heavy duty tarpaulins cannot take a chance on a weak mesh count or light poly coating.

Heavy duty jobs need heavy duty solutions. There are so many types of tarpaulins, it's important to know what makes a true heavy duty tarpaulin heavy duty. The concept of heavy duty when it comes to tarpaulins can be mistaken by looking at just the weight. To judge if a tarp is truly heavy duty, there are several factors to consider.

The first thing you want to have is a heavy mesh count with a heavy duty thread shaft built into the tarp. True heavy duty poly tarpaulins have a thick poly coating and the heavy duty canvas has a heavier weight to determine how heavy duty the tarp is. Another factor to judge heavy duty tarpaulins is the denier. The denier is the measurement of thickness. The duty of also depend on the density of the tarp. If you are looking for heavy duty tarpaulins for the sun you will want to make sure that there is a heavy duty U.V. coating on the tarpaulins.

Deciding on the right heavy duty tarpaulins depends on the application. Make sure you look through all the categories of tarpaulins before you buy so you know you are getting the right heavy duty tarpaulins for you. Our tarpaulins range from a light duty for better storage to super heavy duty tarpaulins for strong use. So if you are looking for heavy duty tarpaulins, want a large variety to choose from and want quality, we suggest our heavy duty tarpaulins.

Super Heavy Duty Silver / Black Poly Tarpaulins
Two Ply SUPER HEAVY DUTY silver black poly - black out tarpaulins
Silver Poly Tarpaulins
Heavy duty silver poly tarpaulins
White Poly Tarpaulins
Heavy duty white poly tarpaulins
Green Poly Tarpaulins
Heavy duty green poly tarpaulins
Tan Poly Tarpaulins
Heavy duty tan poly tarpaulins.

Do you have tough weather and need heavy duty tarpaulins? These are aaa grade industrial tarpaulins. If you need industrial pvc tarpaulins or special heavy duty tarpaulins to purchase, call us and we will help you. When you need something real heavy duty that can master the weather, get our tarpaulins!

About Heavy Duty Tarpaulins And Their Importance.

It is really amazing how much of an impact a simple item such as a tarp can have on our world. In recent years heavy duty tarpaulins have become in great demand, so much in fact, that many suppliers have begin to actually experience shortages.

In 2010 the horrific earthquake in Haiti created a high demand of heavy duty tarpaulins. While rescue efforts were very effective in this needy area, those who supplied aid quickly realized that they were not prepared to face one of the greatest needs of all: the need for shelter. And when someone suggested that an affordable alternative for temporary shelter may be the heavy duty tarp, businesses and people from all over the world responded with their donations, which were much welcomed.

The same occurred again in Pakistan with the widespread flooding that occurred there. The devastation was incredible. However, The Royal Air Force of England took lead, flying over hundreds of tarpaulins that had been sewn into makeshift tents. The heavy duty tarpaulins were in high demand and provided much needed shelter and relief from the rain when they had no other hope for a shelter.

An organization known as PAWS (Pets are Worth Saving) has been providing shelter for dogs while seeking to find foster homes and permanent owners for the animals. With few resources and a lot of needy animals seeking their aid, this group recently put out a plea for anyone who would hear: they need help winterizing their pound for winter. One of the most essential items for getting their facility ready for the cold weather are heavy duty tarpaulins. The heavy duty poly tarpaulins are very cost efficient because they are not only inexpensive, but they will last for a long time when well taken care of. Those who own heavy duty tarpaulins should keep in mind that there are people all over the world who would have a number of uses for them.

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