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Lumber Tarpaulins

Quality lumber tarpaulins are made for optimum sun protection and waterproof coverage in order to keep the lumber dry. Our lumber tarpaulins are constructed with a high quality U.V. treated polyethylene. These lumber tarpaulins are sold by the case. Our lumber tarpaulins are super heavy duty and made with the highest standards. When searching for lumber tarp covers it is important to have a high mesh count and a heavy denier. This assures durability yet keeping the material lightweight.

All these lumber tarpaulins and wood pile covers are equipped with a Heavy Duty coating of Polyethylene. All the hems are reinforced with 1/4" Triple Braided Roping, The hems are double stitched and the corners have reinforced seams. Heat sealed interior seams. D Rings - 1" stainless steel plated on nylon webbing every 2'. Triangular reinforced fabric at each D Ring to assure a strong fit on the truck bed or truck load. we know how important quality and durability is to the lumber industry when it comes to lumber tarpaulins that's why we go the extra length in satisfaction.

All lumber tarpaulins are 6.5 oz. Per Square Yard. - 1200 Denier with a 14x14 mesh Count.
  • Grommets Approx. Every 18 Inches.
  • Waterproof
  • Mildew proof
  • Tear Resistant
  • Acid Resistant
  • Heavy Duty Poly Lummber Tarpaulins
  • Arctic Flexibility
  • UV Treated on Both Sides to protect lumber loads.
Lumber Truck Tarpaulins : These lumber truck tarpaulins are super heavy duty and specially made for the trucking industry.
Lumber truck tarp specs:
  • 24'6'' x 27' Lumber Tarp 18oz Black Vinyl Coated Waterproof Fabric
  • Lumber truck tarp has 1 row of grommets and also has 3 rows of D-Rings and an 8' drop tail and 2 rain flaps.
  • All vinyl seams are heat sealed and all hems are double lock stitched.

These lumber tarpaulins are rectangle and square with the D-Ring attachments. If you need lightweight lumber tarpaulins or wood pile covers you can always go to our blue tarpaulins page but if you need large - strong lumber tarpaulins, these are what we suggest. Need large quantities of lumber tarpaulins? We can make any size you want with any container load of lumber tarpaulins!

Using Lumber Tarpaulins To Protect The Wood

Heavy-duty lumber tarpaulins are normally used to secure and protect cargo on a flatbed trailer. The tarpaulins will cover tall loads of lumbers using 3 rows of D-rings and eyelets so it is secured to the flatbed trailer. When a tarp is required to move lumber, there are several types to select. They are made of lightweight or heavy-duty vinyl material made with double row of stitching to prevent the item from being broke. If you need to transport wood or any item on a flatbed trailer using a cover will protect it from being damaged. In fact, the tarpaulins are used to transport constructions, boating, agriculture, or camping equipment.

The covers are made to protect from sun and water in order to keep the wood underneath dry. No need for worry about the items being moved. You can purchase the covers outright or rent them from any dealer. The cost is inexpensive for renting but is rather expensive to purchase. However, if using on a regular basis then purchasing the tarp is the best alternative. If you purchase wood from a store, they will use a wood pile tarp to protect the wood while being transported to its destination. There is no need to worry the whether it will fit your load of product, the tarpaulins are sold in different sizes and shapes.

Have a specialized size lumber to transport? We can custom designed lumber tarpaulins to fit any load you are moving. Since they are tear proof there is not worry your products will get wet and be destroyed. Moreover, if you need privacy for your items, they make the covers large enough to seal the entire load. Since protecting your wood and other valuables are important, than using the correct tarpaulin will ensure that the load is moved in a secure and protected manner.

The rings are sewn in a continuous row of two inch seat belt webbing at specific intervals from the edge. An additional row of tie downs is added at 90 inches above the hem for those instances where the tarp will need to be pulled down over a shorter load.

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