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Tarpaulins Tents

Tarpaulins Tents

We manufacture tarpaulins tents. Our tarpaulins tents are equipped with heavy duty galvanized steel tubing and are 100% waterproof with a 5 year warranty on all top covers. The tarpaulins tent top covers are available in six colors. Every tarpaulins tent kit is equipped with a heavy duty tarpaulins cover and has full UV protection. The tarpaulins material on these tarpaulins car ports are super heat resistant, waterproof and weather resistant. All our tarpaulins shelters are equipped with heavy duty ball bungees to secure the tarpaulins to the frame and no tools are required - easy set-up. The tarpaulins tent frame is built with galvanized steel poles 1 3/8 Inch Pole Diameter - Heavy Duty 17 Gage. All tent tarpaulins shelter kits are backed by a 5 Year Warranty on acts of Erosion for frame & Top Cover

Tarpaulins Tents

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Our tarpaulins tents are equipped with our heavy duty tarpaulin covers. Our tarpaulins tents are great for putting your car under or patio shade. We sell tent tarpaulins world wide.

How An Individual Can Construct Tarpaulins Tents

One of the most useful things that can be carried by an individual on a camping trip is a basic tarpaulins. It can be used to shelter equipment, people, and the floor of a tent. It can also be used as a means to carry loose items to and from the campsite. Thus in some respects a tarpaulins shelter is an item that should not be done without. One other way that these items can be used is to be made into tarpaulins tents or vestibule covers. This is especially useful if there are people along on a camping trip with no type of temporary shelter. A basic type of A Frame tent can be constructed with two tarpaulins, two tent poles, and a few lengths of rope. All one has to do is to position the two ten poles on either side of a space that will be easily covered with one of the tarpaulins (the other will be used as a floor covering), string one length of rope between the two poles, and then use the rest of the rope as extra support lines for the tent poles. If a tarpaulins shelter lacks a vestibule cover then a tarpaulins can do duty as one. It will provide an area of shade that individual can sit under just outside the opening to where they have laid their sleeping bag. To set up a vestibule a camper will need a tarpaulins, of course, four tent poles, four stakes, and four lengths of rope about four foot longer than the poles.

Once the equipment has been gathered to contract a vestibule cover then a camper is ready to begin doing just that. One feature that will make it easier for the camper to accomplish what he has set out to do is to be sure that the tarpaulins that will be used has grommet holes in it at each corner. That way the tent poles can be easily stuck through them. Once that is done then the lengths of rope should should be looped at one end which will then be put around the tops of the poles. The other ends of the ropes should be tighten around the stakes driven into the ground at an appropriate place to allow for the support that is needed. Makeshift tarpaulins tents are useful things to construct as they can be used as shelter to so many things. These things can include, but are not limited to, people, equipment, and as a canopy to provide shade. Our tarpaulins tents are a complete package solution and no tools are needed. Need to cover that RV? Use a tarpaulins tent!

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